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So I FINALLY remembered to enter the Shoot & Share contest this year.   It’s probably my favorite contest because it’s completely anonymous and anyone can vote.   There are a bunch of different categories – and photographers can enter up to 50 images in any of the categories.  It was the last day to enter, and were leaving for vacation so I picked as many of my favorite newborn images as I could literally with my family waiting for me in the car (oops) – oh well, we made the plane to Disney and I entered 39 images.  It was my first time entering so I wasn’t really fully sure what to expect.  There are 12 rounds of voting and anyone can vote, 4 images  from a random category pop up on the screen and you pick your 1 favorite of the 4 images – then 4 more images pop up from another (or sometimes the same) category and you pick your favorite of those 4…..and it keeps going and going and going.  The lowest performing images are taken out at the end of a round and the next round starts….and so forth.  Let me tell you it gets addicting.   It’s also a little nerve wracking because they don’t let you know how your images did until the very END….and I am not a patient person lol.

All in all, there were over 1.1 MILLION images entered from more than 40,000 photographers around the world with 81 MILLION votes cast….. (um crazy)

of my 39 images all but 2 placed…….


I am just amazed, humbled and honestly speechless at the results…..

And here are my images that placed.  My top 100 image was #21/29,560 * I guess that kinda makes up for the fact that he didn’t close his eyes ONCE during his session lol ;). *

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